Monday, May 23, 2011

What happen to Lori's Styling Hair Stuff for Awhile?

I have had lots of people ask me what happen to Lori's Styling Hair Stuff for awhile and why it was closed down. To keep it brief we had some deaths in the family that impacted us. We lost my dear husbands father and then 4 months later we lost his mother. Both were unexpected and very hard on us. After dealing with all the loss and trying to come to terms with it we also now had 3 houses to upkeep and helping out my brother in law who lived with his mother and she helped with his care around the clock. So my wonderfull husband then had to step it up and now step in to help out his brother on a daily basis. Which my brother in law is now doing great! Seems like the surgery he had about 6 months ago has helped him out and he is feeling a lot better. I won't go into details as that is his story to tell.
Then almost 1 year ago I had a surgery that took me forever to recover from. It was just very painfull and uncomftable to sit,stand,lay or anything for any length of time. But soon 1 year later and I feel great!
With all of that said basically there was just no time or the energy for me to make and do what I loved. Heck my daughter kept asking for stuff and I was barely making the time to make anything for her! LOL

But now life is slowly coming back to I guess normal. We really are not normal around here as something is always going on. But I have been doing lots the last 6 months or so to bring back Lori's Styling Hair Stuff. Last week I did the biggest thing and switched my website host to:
Shoppe Pro Wonderfull company to work with. they were fast and it was easy on me. Then I lowered all my prices. Why do you ask? Well I look at it this way since everyone is having hard times right now and I do not have a lot of wholesale accounts I can offer lower prices and I can get the orders out very quickly.
So check out my site and all my other places and get some great deals! Oh and while you are at it help me pass the word along that I am back!
Thanks, Lori
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